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I grew up in Connecticut surrounded by three sisters and one mother who was, and continues to be, truly incredible. (She has been pushing me to launch these cards since 2002!) My family was, for lack of a better term, dysfunctional. We screamed so loudly the neighbors could hear us, threw foreign objects at each other, but now are best friends. It's from my experiences growing up that a great deal of my Unfiltered concepts came from. What has also been an inspiration for many of these cards are first-hand experiences I have had myself. The greeting card market has come a long way, but there are still often times I'm unable to find that sentiment for the non-traditional occasions that fall into my lap... such as congratulating a family member who took far too long to graduate college, or finding a Mother's Day card for a mom who deserved far more recognition than any Hallmark card could ever express. I'm a big fan of saying how you feel and I often describe myself as "the girl who says what everyone is thinking."

I have been dreaming about this journey for quite some time, therefore am being extremely thoughtful with every addition I make to the collection. I believe this to be a great start and wanted to capture my ideas before any more time had lapsed. Please do check back often and reach out to me if there is something you'd like to see within the collection that isn't there right now.

Thank you for your support!

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