Where did Unfiltered come from?
Unfiltered has been a work in progress since 2002, and all began with an idea that came to light after multiple trips to the store to look for a card that fit a particular situation, constantly finding myself unsuccessful. Many, many MANY years later, Unfiltered was officially born and is now off and running!


What makes Unfiltered different from other greeting cards?

1) The quality of the cards. Printed on 100% post consumer recycled cardstock paper, Unfiltered cards are made with extreme care and thoughtfulness, giving them a high-end quality that is challenging to find in stores.

2) The messaging. Sure, there's your cliché "brutally honest" cards out there, but I've taken it a step further creating brutally honest cards for occasions for which there aren't cards for (ie. a card for the neighbor with a barking dog, a card to signify the end of a friendship, and more).

3) Every. Finishing. Touch. Presentation is of utmost importance to me which is why I choose to print my cards on such high quality paper, and also provide the option of three different envelopes. Cards unique as the Unfiltered collection deserve unique presentation, too!

What is the shipping cost?
Cost varies and is based on the weight of your order. Typically, apparel and cards start at $1.50 and orders containing coasters start at $5.00

Are there additional cards available other than what is on the website?
At this time, only the cards you see on my site 
are available for purchase. However, new cards are continuously being added so be sure to check back often for new gift ideas!

Do you make custom cards?
If you’re looking for a card for a particular situation, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to come up with something unique! Upon submitting an occasion for which you need a card, Unfiltered then has the right to sell that card on the website.


Where are your cards manufactured?
All of the production work is done in New Hampshire.

What kind of paper are the cards printed on?
What’s unique about Unfiltered cards is that they are printed on 100% post consumer recycled cardstock paper, providing an impressive, high-end look.

Does the shipping include tracking information?
Yes! Every order is shipped via USPS and includes a tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?
Currently, Unfiltered cards are only shipping within the Continental United States.

When will my order ship?

Shipping times vary, though most orders ship within 1-3 business days.

Is it possible to expedite my order?
Absolutely. If you need to receive your order in an urgent manner, please make a note of it at the Checkout 
and I will do my best to expedite the order.

Can I buy Unfiltered products anywhere else?
You can also purchase items through the
Unfiltered Etsy shop.

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