Spoiler Alert: Serious Post!

July 4, 2017


First of all, Happy Fourth of July! God damn, I love this country.


I've gotten back into hot yoga the past few months and decided to go today. I'm really glad I did because I had this amazing moment where an unbelievable amount of gratefulness had come over me. As I stood there in my Standing Tree pose (I'm such a hippy, right?), I felt this self-love that I haven't felt in a very long time.


Full disclosure, I think a big part of the reason I have such a tremendous sense of humor for things is because of the amount of personal obstacles I've overcome in my life. Ninety-five percent of these obstacles has related to my self-esteem which, for so many years, was a reflection of how I felt about myself physically. From body dysmorphia and eating disorders to anxiety and depression, I never truly, and I mean TRULY, felt the amount of gratitude that I did in that moment today, where I looked at myself in the mirror (you know, in my Standing Tree pose) and thought, "I am happy with where I am." Now once again, this thought was certainly triggered by the self-confidence I finally found when looking in the mirror, but that one grateful thought brought my mind down a road of many grateful thoughts...like my amazing boyfriend who also is the best friend, my incredibly loving and supportive family, the roof over my head that I work so hard to make look like a page out of HGTV magazine, my puppies, my overall health... and so much more.


I used to go to therapy (seriously, people...do it!) and my therapist made this great point once: if you start with one negative thought, it creates this pattern of negative thinking and brings you down that road of negativity. However, if you pause and go down the other path, it is amazing what positivity you'll come across.


ANYWAYS, not trying to sound like a babbling hippy from Colorado, but all of this has brought me to where I am today...with Unfiltered...with everything. And I am so grateful! 


So Happy Fourth of July, Unfiltered followers. Please don't blow off any fingers. And if you set off fireworks in the street, be responsible and clean up your damn mess. 

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